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Short description

The manual wire straightener has 9 rollers. The device has been designed on the basis of a proven model, which has seen several improvements: instead of the fixed crank a quick-release 1/2'' socket (you can replace or disassemble it yourself) and knurled driven rollers (3 pcs) - the straightened wire does not slip during straightening. 

Technical characteristics:

 - 9 ball-bearing rollers, of which 3 are driven, 
- rollers with a V-shaped notch - it is possible to adapt to many wire diameters, not only for a specific diameter, 
- for straightening wire 5,5mm diameter or more, 
- quick-release crank, 
- powder-coated metal parts - this ensures high corrosion resistance, 
- adjustable position of the upper rollers, 
- compact dimensions 186x110x350mm (height / width / length) ,
- weight 7kg.

Straightening the wire:

1) Unscrew the adjusting screws (2) as much as possible so that they do not resist when inserting the wire. 

2) Before inserting the wire into the straightener it should by straightened by about 50cm. 

3) Insert the wire between the rollers. The wire should be introduced from the opposite side from the crank's location (position (3) in the construction scheme). Run the wire so that it protrudes about 15 cm beyond the straightener. 

4) Tighten the adjusting screws (2) carefully until the wire can be moved with the crank and will be straight. 

5) Using the crank ( 1) straighten the desired section of wire.